Home Market Info Vendors
Chestnut Lot Farm
Conway, MA
Beefalo meat and maple syrup
Intervale Farm
Westhampton, MA
Plants, produce, cut flowers *Greens, root crops, tomatoes, bedding plants, veggie starts*
Lion's Tooth Farm
Windsor, MA
Goat, lamb, pork, beef, eggs, granola, artisan bread and bagels, produce
Little Bear Bread
Florence, MA
Homemade breads and baked goods
Livingstone Mycology
Hunter Linscott and Nich Livingstone
Williamsburg, MA
Fresh gourmet mushrooms and mushroom products
Lucky Me Farm & Kitchen
Sara Doubleday
New Braintree, MA
Jams and jellies, baked goods
Pause & Pivot Farm
Miana Hoyt Dawson
Williamsburg, MA
Hydroponically raised greens and herbs
Pepin Farm
Easthampton, MA
Produce *Asparagus, sweet corn, strawberries, early tomatoes*
Roundhill Orchards
Kate and Andrew Carl
Southampton, MA
Vegetable Starts, small fruit, peaches, apples, and apple cider
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Sleepy Owl Herbs
Rebecca Hoffer
Easthampton, MA
Fresh Herbs, Dried Herbs, Herbal vinegar, Teas, Elixirs
Song Sparrow Farm
Toni Hall
Florence, MA
Fresh salads and teas
Twin Oaks Farm
Feeding Hills, MA
Fig Trees, produce, house plants, veggie starts *Baby potatoes, string beans, figs*
White House Farm
Southampton, MA
Plants, produce, and cut flowers